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2017 Has Kicked Off In Full Speed

Icon Media keeps pushing the limits. 360 Videos are a hit! After deploying our 360 Video software, we have seen a huge increase in requests for this feature. Product photography has always been our main focus. We want to provide you the cleanest, most crisp imagery possible to represent your product. Well, with 360 Video - we have taken it to the next level. Not only does our 360 footage auto-play when it is loaded, we also added a controller so the end-user can click & spin at their discretion. This has really expanded the exposure and impact of a product for the viewer. As wheel designs have evolutionized into multi-layered, custom textured finishes, and as many paint options as one can imagine - Icon Media developed the 360 software to capture all of these elements in a convenient viewer for any skill level user.

The 360 brings an in-depth level of viewing for a shopper to explore their wheel options. Demos are available upon request, and Icon Media is standing by to take your product imagery to the next level. Check out these examples below!

360 Product Video


Product Promo Video