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Custom Wheels Need... More Custom Tools. We've got you covered.

The Wheel Customization software, or “Wheel Builder”, is another great addition to the services Icon Media can provide for your wheel brand(s). Whether you have an entire lineup of custom paintable wheel options, or only a select few models – this tool allows the user to really customize their wheel finish. Our Wheel Builder has been live for some time now, and brands that have utilized this tool have seen increases to custom painted inquiries.

We provide a Request Quote function so users can export and email your company with the sample of their custom build. This eases the process for ordering product by simply having the discussion on which color codes or tones the client wants – but the emailed inquiry provides all specs entered.

Each Wheel can have it’s own attributes when it comes to painting the layer. If you only offer painted windows, or different colored lips – we can build it. If you have 4 elements on the spokes that can all be painted in different colors – we can build it. Sky is the limit to make your Custom Wheels truly… Custom.