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Tie in your Company/Store Colors to iConfigurator

One of the features we launched with i17 is the ability to fully customize your iConfigurator - allowing you to sync your Store/Website company colors into the iConfigurator. Icon Media has one objective: Make your user's experience as fluid, and streamline as possible. This feature allows a uniform experience, working cohesively with your site. So... Lets get started!

·      Log In.

·      From the Applications Tab, select Configurators

·      Select your Configurator

·      From Additional Options Menu, select “Custom Styling” (Near Bottom)

Here you can make all of the changes to the iConfigurator Style. We have already covered the “Maximum Width” field here. Here are some other features you can customize:

·      Font Family – Change the Font displayed across the iConfigurator

·      Background Color – Choose your own custom colored background

·      Font Size – Depending on screen size, some folks prefer a larger, or smaller font

·      Text Color – Combining background and text color for best text contrast

There are multiple sections that can be customized to your preference. That includes Dropdown Styles, Intro Styles, Vehicle Selector Styles, Vehicle Top Bar Styles, Vehicle Buttons, Product Tabs, Product Filters, Product Catalog Style, Product Catalog Buttons, and Popup Windows. Each of these individual fields can be adjusted to your preference.

As you make these changes, make sure to scroll to the bottom of the page, and click “Save Styles” to save your work. Once you’ve saved your work, go to your live iConfigurator and review your changes to confirm your color selections and text sizes are appropriate and to your liking. There is no limit to this customization, you can make these changes as often as you’d like.

Maximize your user’s experience, and tie in the iConfigurator to your store’s colors for the most fluid experience.